On the matter of probate:

by admin on February 8, 2013

Does having a will prevent me from needing probate?

A. No. Probate is a process which evaluates whether a will is legitimate or not, and is required for all wills. After a will is admitted to probate, the process of setting a decedent’s ¬†estate can began.

Probate by definition is a will being proven.

What does a probate in detail?

A. In the event of a probate, the state will inform all interested parties of the Will’s legitimacy. This includes beneficiaries under the will, the heirs as defined by state law, and any creditors who may be owned money by the decedent.

B. If your will provides inheritance for any minors, a court supervised guardianship may be necessary to ensure safe keeping of their inheritance until the minor comes of age.


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