Dr. Larry Gerstenhaber on Sex & Aging… or “Dr. G,” as we fondly to refer to him :)

by admin on August 16, 2013



Todd: This Saturday Helayne finally fulfills her long time mission… She will be bringing a licensed psychologist with her into the studio to chat about sex! Yes folks, you read me right, Helayne has invited Dr. Larry Gerstenhaber to chat with us about “sex and aging.”  So, I ask; “Are we there yet Helayne?”

Helayne: We are Todd. Yes. Our generation grew up with a “hush-hush” attitude about sex. Well, we’re all adults now and dealing with changing family, career and relationship dynamics …and on top of all that; changing bodies. Only the first time our bodies changed, we were blooming, hormones a raging, plentiful to say the least! Now some of us are at the other end of that spectrum… maybe even a little wilted 🙁

We know how fascinating sex can be, we’ve perfected the craft over many years of practice… and now, just when everything should be at it’s best… our bodies are changing again, it’s backwards, hormones are diminishing, gravity and life have had enough affect on our exterior image to influence our self image and esteem.

Todd: True Helayne. But it shouldn’t… At this point in life we know who we are, we realize our contribution to family and the world around us… we can see the value we bring to our personal relationships.

Helayne: Exactly Todd! …and that’s why we will have Dr. Larry Gerstenhaber with us this weekend. We are ready to talk about complexities that get in the way as we age. Things we can do to enhance our intimate relationships. Ways to better communicate with one another, to keep the vital component every personal companion relationship deserves: intimacy.

Dr. Larry Gerstenhabet is a NC licensed, practicing psychologist, whom provides services for Lifesource Inc., a health services company based in Wilmington, and have an office in Southport..

Tune in Saturday Morning on Port City Radio – 93.7 & 106.3FM – 9:30AM!

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