Summary of Changes to the VA Pension Eligibility Rules

by Lauren Atkins November 14, 2018

On October 18, 2018, new rules regarding eligibility for VA pension were implemented by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  The new rules are quite comprehensive, however, they also provide more opportunities to qualify for these important benefits. The major changes are outlined below. A. Lookback and penalty period. There is now a look-back period […]

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VA’s TeleHealth System Now Operational Nationwide

by Lauren Atkins November 13, 2018

On June 11, 2018, the Department of Veterans Affairs passed a major milestone with the introduction of a telehealth system known as “anywhere-to-anywhere.” This system allows qualified practitioners to access the VA’s telehealth system and provide care to patients across the nation. This telehealth system is part of the VA Mission Act. One facet of […]

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Essential Estate Planning Documents for Young Adults

by admin August 6, 2018

With new college-bound co-eds soon departing for their first semester away from home, estate planning documents are not likely at the top of any list for dorm room necessities or school supplies. However, there are several essential planning documents they – along with all young adults – should consider executing as they enter adulthood. Importantly, with […]

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Relief Available for Medicare Part B Penalties

by admin July 20, 2018

There is relief available to some seniors who have incurred a penalty for their late enrollment in Medicare Part B coverage. Generally, seniors are eligible for Medicare at age 65, when they can receive benefits under Part A (hospital coverage), Part B (outpatient medical coverage), and Part D (prescription drug coverage). In many cases, seniors […]

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Top Estate Planning Tips for Loved Ones with Special Needs

by admin July 3, 2018

This article addresses the unique planning requirements of families with children, grandchildren or other family members (such as parents) with special needs.  There are numerous misconceptions in this area that can result in costly mistakes when planning for special needs beneficiaries.  An attorney who understands the pitfalls associated with special needs planning is imperative to assist […]

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The Low-Down on the Medicaid Spend-Down

by admin June 20, 2018

When a person is facing the prospect of paying for long-term care, that person may eventually turn to Medicaid to cover those costs after running out of money. Medicaid is correctly understood as a payor of last resort. Generally, this means that the ability to collect from other sources like long-term care insurance, veterans benefits, […]

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What’s the Penalty Applied by Medicaid for Gifts or Transfers?

by admin June 1, 2018

When seniors and their families are planning for long-term care, a common question that arises is, Why can’t we just start giving our money or assets to our loved ones or family members now? In a common scenario, a parent may decide to give real estate – like a primary residence or a family beach […]

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Estate Planning & Estate Administration Considerations for Bitcoin

by admin May 15, 2018

As the investment world has seen the rise – and, sometimes, the fall – of bitcoin value or other crypto currencies, estate planning attorneys are also working with these unique digital assets in estate planning and in post-death estate administration. The following are estate planning considerations in handling bitcoin. Estate Planning With Crypto-Currency While bitcoin […]

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NC Seniors Will Receive New Medicare Cards But Remain Susceptible to Fraud

by admin April 17, 2018

Starting after June and continuing over the next year, seniors in North Carolina will be receive new Medicare cards in the mail. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid will issue cards with a new Medicare number and a Medicare Beneficiary Number that is comprised of 11 randomly generated digits and capital letters. Formerly, the Medicare cards […]

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What Can Happen to My Cremated Remains under NC Law?

by admin April 3, 2018

Many people have certain notions of whether they want to be buried or cremated or how their remains should be handled. Estate planning and elder law attorneys often hear of all kinds of elaborate plans for the disposition of clients’ remains. Here in the Port City, scattering ashes or “cremains” on or near the beach […]

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