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Debunking Five Common Myths about Long-Term Care Planning

by admin December 1, 2017

When seniors and families start thinking about long-term care planning, a number of questions arise.  Some of the questions arise from common misconceptions about elder law issues or Medicaid.  These misconceptions are worth revisiting to debunk them once and for all. Myth 1: Medicare will cover my nursing home expenses. Medicare will pay some costs […]

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With November Comes Turkey, Alzheimer’s Awareness, and a Need to Proactively Plan for Aging Loved Ones with the Disease

by admin November 16, 2017

In the month of November for Thanksgiving, Americans of all ages gather to celebrate family, togetherness, and happy memories.  While there is much for which to be grateful, holidays can be especially difficult for those whose minds are fading faster than they should or for those families and caregivers who provide daily care to loved […]

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The IRS Increased the Thresholds for 2018 Estate and Gift Taxes

by admin November 2, 2017

Residents of North Carolina are fortunate to have no estate tax (the so-called “death tax”) enforced by the state upon their deaths.  However, if a North Carolina resident passes away with an estate of a certain size, federal gift and estate taxes could be assessed.  Each year, the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) updates the threshold […]

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The Caretaker Child: How Aging Parents Can Compensate Adult Children for Care at Home

by admin October 16, 2017

Caring for an aging parent can be a full-time job.  Adult children may give up paying jobs and leave their own homes and families in order to provide care to aging parents.  While caregiving can be unpaid work, parents who want to compensate an adult caregiver child may pay pursuant to a caretaker contract or […]

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Using Personal Care Agreements for an Elderly Person’s At-home Care

by admin October 2, 2017

More and more Americans are choosing to provide in-home care for elderly family members.  This growing trend may arise from the desire to avoid the steep monthly costs of nursing home care or out of a desire to allow a loved one to age at home in familiar settings.  Families generally reach this point when […]

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Five Tips for Protecting Seniors in a Technological World

by admin September 12, 2017

Seniors are steadily embracing technology like social media, email, and smartphones to stay in touch with family and friends.  However, seniors are also at risk of becoming victims of fraud through these same digital modes.  In the worst scenarios, seniors have lost their life savings to scam artists through phishing emails or phony scam telephone […]

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The 5 Most Common Mistakes in Probating Estates Without Legal Assistance

by admin August 31, 2017

When someone dies and leaves only a will or no will at all, the estate may be opened for probate or administration by a personal representative.  Administering an estate, many times, is not too complicated.  Moreover, not every estate requires a probate attorney’s assistance.  However, various factors (such as living out-of-state or family discord) can […]

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How to Cash in a Paper Savings Bond After the Owner Dies

by admin August 18, 2017

For many people, savings bonds have been a long-time favorite investment tool.  The bonds usually take years to fully mature, but people often forget about them during the maturation period.  In some cases, the owner of the bonds dies before cashing in the bond and the owner’s family members later discover it and ask for […]

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The Importance of Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples

by admin August 2, 2017

A growing number of American adults are choosing to cohabitate instead of getting married.  Their reasons for cohabitation range from financial need to “been there, done that.”  Some unmarried couples believe they do not need an estate plan because do not have kids together.  However, there are several reasons why committed unmarried couples should consider […]

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A Request For A ‘Simple Will’ Isn’t Always Simple

by admin July 14, 2017

Elder law and estate planning attorneys often field inquiries from potential clients to draft a “simple will.” These queries are sometimes borne out of a desire for cost-efficiency. In other cases, clients believe that they do not have a large enough estate to warrant high-end estate planning or that their families are not complicated enough […]

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